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  • April 2007
    The Hole in the Fire Does your company have a good story to tell? Learn the value of a story for keeping potential customers on your Web Site.

  • March 2007
    Hey, That's Smart Internet Marketing Here are a few smart things that separate successful mortgage firms from their competitors.

  • February 2007
    Time For You To Update Your 1999 Web Site? Search Engine Marketing Tips There have been many changes to the internet since 1999, and what used to work, may no longer be viable, or may now even get your web site penalized.

  • January 2007
    The Donald Rumsfeld Manifesto and Search Engine Optimization Achieving success is not about doing a few things 100% right, it is about doing hundreds of things, many of which you don't even know, 100% right.

  • December 2006
    The Long Tail Of Mortgage Leads: Internet Marketing You might know the top keyword searches for your mortgage leads. Expand on those to create additional traffic and mortgage leads for your site.

  • November 2006
    How To Fight Spam, Both Personal And From Your Web Site Part 2 Practical tips to protect you and your mortgage business from spammers.

  • October 2006
    How To Fight Spam, Both Personal And From Your Web Site Here are some ways you can control your email. If you don't take steps to control who has access to your in-box, you too can receive 50,000+ emails a day.

  • September 2006
    Internet Marketing Questions From Mortgage Web Site Owners How to find out what your competitors are up to, and do Pay-Per-Click ads really work?

  • August 2006
    How is your Google IQ? If You Don't Pass, Your Income Suffers... Find out how Google really works. Learn about PageRank, links, updates, and more.

  • July 2006
    How Google Earns 99% Of It's Revenue: From You! Pay-per-click (Google Adwords) is the driving engine behind all of Google's frenzy, glory and revenues.
    Learn how this impacts your mortgage web site.

  • June 2006
    Your Customers Judge Your Website By It's Cover  Does your site look like a professional mortgage site? Learn how to IMMEDIATELY demonstrate that you are a credible organization.

  • May 2006
    Pay-Per-Call is Really Revenue-Per-Call The internet continues to evolve in ways that will specifically benefit mortgage companies. Two recent developments will greatly enhance the quality of your inquiries: local search and pay-per-call.

  • April 2006
    What Google Wants, Google Gets Give Google what they want and you will get what you want... a high ranking site…and a large increase in online generated mortgage leads.

  • March 2006
    Is Your Site Serving Salad Bars or $1 Menu Items? Beyond customer service, beyond hand-holding, beyond everything else, maintain your focus on the single most important factor for your Web Site customers.

  • February 2006
    When Good Web Sites Go Bad We have made our share of mistakes and most certainly we have marveled at mistakes that occur on other sites. Here is a list of mistakes "good" web sites can make.

  • January 2006
    How a Fruitcake Can Increase Your Mortgage Site Sales There's a fruitcake marketing secret. Learn how you should apply it to communicate with your customers.

  • December 2005
    The Supreme Court, Google Software, Viagra and Mortgages? Your ability to survive financially is based partly on your ability to recognize changes in the world... and to correctly adjust to those changes.

  • November 2005
    Should you Yahoo? Is it worth the money to list in the Yahoo Directory? Case study looks at the pros and cons.

  • October 2005
    Are You Banned In Google And Yahoo!? You May Not Know It  Avoid getting banned from Google or Yahoo by avoiding these pitfalls.

  • September 2005
    Increase Your Revenue with Secret Military Intelligence Secret military technology can direct you where to place your highest revenue-producing content, and it can determine if your images or content are being used without your permission.

  • August 2005
    The Future of Small Mortgage Companies... Globalization and Cowboys Your mortgage business is open game to competition. Protect your business from the impact of globalization.

  • July 2005
    Internet Marketing Techniques: The Highway to Disaster Everyone is fighting to attract qualified visitors via the internet. but it is what you do with the visitor when they arrive that separates successful PPC efforts from those campaigns that merely cost money.

  • June 2005
    The Secret Lives of Internet Marketers  Internet Marketers know what makes a web page successful, or unsuccessful. They even know more about your site than you do.

  • May 2005
    Mortgage Haiku  Here are some Haiku's that could have been written by visitors to mortgage web sites, who don't like the pages that they have found.

  • April 2005
    Your Mortgage Emails May Not Be Reaching Your Customers!  Use these suggestions to make sure your email gets to your customer. Then your emails can be producing revenue instead of frustration.

  • March 2005
    Can Linking Increasing The Number of Visitors to Your Site? Links are an important, but little known commodity of the internet. Links aren't cash, but they can be more valuable than cash.

  • February 2005
    Been Phishing Lately? Learn about phishing and how it can hurt your online mortgage business.

  • January 2005
    Google and Yahoo Marketing Tips for Your Mortgage Web Site To get high rankings, there are certain steps you must follow. Here are some tips on how you can receive more visitors and monitor the visitors you already have.

  • December 2004
    Spyware, Search Engines, and Meta Tags Browsers, spyware, keyword density and keyword meta tags; technical factors to consider in running your online mortgage business.

  • November 2004
    Has Your Web Site Done Anything Foolish Lately? Mistakes happen, right? Here are important reminders to help you avoid mistakes in running your online mortgage web site.

  • October 2004
    How to Make Your Mortgage Web Site More Successful Success can be cultivated. Here are a number of different factors that can lead to an increased success rate for your web site.

  • September 2004
    Converting PPC Visitors Into Customers Optimizing your web pages for each of your PPC keywords will result in increased revenue for your site.

  • August 2004
    How To Control Your Rising Pay Per Click Expenses Many mortgage company owners are in for a shock over rising PPC costs. Here's how to control your costs and optimize your use of PPC keywords.

  • July 2004
    Generating Customers: Pay Per Click or Pay Per Lead? All leads are not the same. Which is better for the online mortgage business, Pay Per Click or Pay Per Lead?

  • June 2004
    Is Your Web Site Lying To Your Visitors? What information you should include on every page of your mortgage web site to convey who you are and what you can do for your visitors.

  • April 2004
    Pay Per Click Campaign Strategy The right strategy and preparation with your PPC program can be the difference between making lots of money and just costing lots of money.

  • March 2004
    How to Prevent the Coming Mortgage Drought With the cost of mortgage leads increasing, you will need to become more efficient with your web site and each lead you receive. You must have the information your customer is seeking or they will simply leave.

  • February 2004
    Can Words Cure Your Web Site Your words help determine which visitors become customers. Are you making subtle wording errors on your web site?

  • January 2004
    25 Ways To Lose Business From Your Web Site We have performed numerous usability studies on client sites. Here we share with you what visitors are thinking when they visit your site.

  • December 2003
    A Guide to Internet Mortgage Leads Many mortgage companies are turning to the Internet to generate timely and targeted leads. Here's an overview of the five major sources of leads through the Internet.

  • October 2003
    Neanderthal Marketing Techniques? The Internet is rapidly, constantly changing. Using outdated techniques, you could be risking extinction. 

  • September 2003
    Do Not Call Equals Do Not Close Loans The National Do-Not-Call Registry; what you need to know about it, and critical alternate ways of contacting your customers.

  • July 2003
    Are You Getting The "Word" Out?  Word-of-mouth advertising is one way to market your mortgage business. But in order for it to work, you need to know how to take advantage of it, and be aware of its pitfalls.

  • June 2003
    Internet Marketing is Not Sales You're getting the leads, but the sales are just not there. Examine some of the reasons why leads aren't turning into more sales.

  • May 2003
    Duct Tape Is Good Enough & Other Internet Myths Good enough is good enough sometimes. How you can tell when good enough is good enough for your web site.

  • April 2003
    Internet Marketing is Like Marketing Sex Internet marketing is a lot like marketing sex. You need a little sizzle, a dash of appeal, a bit of allure and something that meets and satisfies the user's desire.

  • February 2003
    Does Your Web Site Require a Premortem? When doing the premortem exercise, it is necessary to drop all your assumptions and attempt to envision the unthinkable. Here is a premortem checklist.

  • January 2003
    Mortgage Design: Brother-In-Law or Professional? You've got a relative or friend who knows a lot about computers -- why not ask them to design your web site for you? What you need to know about the next generation of web site design.

  • December 2002
    Fast & Easy Competitive Intelligence The Internet allows you to monitor competitive intelligence in a very precise manner. Here's how to find out what you need to know about how well your web site is functioning.

  • November 2002
    Is Your Domain Name Costing You Money?
    Buying a domain name is not as simple as it sounds. If you buy the wrong domain, your customers will be confused, and you'll lose mortgage customers.

  • October 2002
    Can Your Customers Drive The Speed Limit The Internet is like driving on the freeway. If your customers cannot drive the speed limit, they will just speed pass your site and visit your online mortgage competitors.

  • Sept  2002
    Testimonials Equals More Profits Many mortgage web sites are missing a very simple (but very powerful) marketing aspect. It is the one thing that is virtually guaranteed to increase your loan business...testimonials.

  • August 2002
    Make them Want to Click!

  • June 2002
    Controlling the Mouse Button 80% of all web sites we analyze have critical errors that are costing a mortgage company lost business. And 20% of the remaining mortgage sites are making a ton of money.

  • May 2002
    Spam, Hamburger or Filet Mignon Before you take the plunge into Spamland, you need to evaluate the risks you are taking with Spam marketing. Here are just a few of them.

  • April 2002
    Search Engine Myths Search engines can deliver highly conflicting information. How do you know what to believe? Here is our list of the top 4 search engine myths that need to be put to rest.

  • March 2002
    Designed for Show or Designed for Dough So what are the key things your home page has to do to "do it right"?

  • January 2002
    Is Your 'Killer App' Killing Your Business? Why are so many mortgage companies 'killing' their business with poor emails? Just like everything else on the Net, these companies were never told the "right" way or the "wrong" way.

  • December 2001
    Compelling Customers to take action  Effective written content will compel your customers to take action. How to evaluate and test your web site content.

  • November 2001
    Kiss Your Customers The key to a highly successful web site isn't sophistication... it is simplicity. Either K.I.S.S. your customers or kiss your online profits goodbye.

  • September 2001
    Compelling Customers to take Action

  • August 2001
    What Customers Really Want Your web site is not just another vehicle for advertising your mortgage business. Learn the facts of what your customers are looking for, and how to deliver.

  • July 2001
    Old Lessons For The New Economy The new economy has revealed the explosive potential for the online mortgage loan business. But there are some "real world" business rules that still apply.

  • June 2001
    Can Your Web Site Pass This Marketing Test?
    Is your web site structured to maximize your revenues from your marketing efforts? Here's a quick and easy test to find out.

  • April 2001
    The Internet Cake Recipe for Success  Effective web sites are created much like a cake recipe. If you leave out any ingredient, the cake will not turn out as you planned. There are at least ten simple elements necessary for your mortgage Internet business to be effective.

  • March 2001
    Why Your Customers Can't Find You Online  If your potential mortgage customers can't find your web site, you will not receive much Internet business. Here are reasons why your site might not be found and what to do about it.

  • February 2001
    Tune Up Your Mortgage Web Site Your web site can always use a "tune-up." Discover some online resources, many of them free, that can help improve traffic to your web site.

  • January 2001
    How To Really Monitor The Effectiveness Of Your Site
    Effectiveness Of Your Site - Understanding your web site's performance is more than just reviewing how many 'hits' you have in a day. Here are some critical questions; if you don't know the answers to these questions, your mortgage web site is probably not performing as well as it could be.
  • December 2000
    Everything I Needed to Know About Web Sites I Learned by Listening to the Radio Here are a few songs you can listen to "On The Radio" (Donna Summer) that can also help you with your mortgage web site.
  • November 2000
    Everything I Needed To Know About Web Sites I Learned At The Movies What the movies can teach us about running effective web sites.
  • October 2000
    Survivor's Lessons For Your Mortgage Web Site Well, now that we have survived the Survivor series, let's take a few minutes to review what we have learned from the 'real world' and how it applies to your digital mortgage web site.
  • September 2000
    Building Trust With Your Web Site  Clicks To Conversion Happen Quickly... most conversions of click-throughs into sales happen very quickly. Sixty percent of conversions for first time customers occur within the first half hour.
  • August 2000
    Mortgage Web Site Myths The letters www used to stand for 'world wide web'; now it stands for 'what we want'. Mortgage sites can no longer put up what they want to tell the customer, they have to include information as to what the clients are seeking.
  • July 2000
    How to LOSE Business on the Net It is hard to get visitors to come to your site. It is easy to lose them.
  • June 2000
    Tracking Your Internet Customers Website traffic analysis may be the single most important key to getting better results from your web site. The main problem is very few companies actually review or know how to interpret their Internet traffic results.
  • May 2000
    How NOT To Internet Your Mortgage Web Site
    Internet marketing controls the interaction between the five key elements of a successful web site: Products - Service || Price Quality || Design - Layout || Information - Content || Traffic - Marketing
  • March 2000
    Design For Show... Content For Dough
    Most people initially think web sites are about visual design the ol’ “A picture is worth a thousand words” quote. It’s not.
  • February 2000
    Navigating the High C's
    Successful mortgage web sites just don’t happen. In fact success rarely happens if these nine important web elements are not followed.
  • January 2000
    Paving the Road Less Traveled
    A story about understanding internet marketing and the web.
  • December 1999
    The Internet is My Friend-and Other Half-Truths
    Here is how Ted and Lisa turned their web site from an ego site, stating, “Hey, we are on the net,” into a highly functioning, revenue generating asset, with loan originations averaging $250,000 - $1,000,000+ per day, every day.
  • November 1999
    The Marketing Power of Domain Names
    Each and every month over 175,000 Internet domain names are reserved. That is almost 6,000 names per day, every day.
  • September 1999
    How much for that Web Site in the Window?
    A well designed web site actually costs you nothing, it makes you money.
  • August 1999
    Competing Against 51 Million Web Pages
    I quickly rattled off a checklist of basic factors. "Clean layout, easy to read, easy to navigate, fast loading images, pages that work in all browsers, and content that is valuable to your customer."
  • July 1999
    Banner Advertising vs. Search Engines
    Do banners work? They can, when used appropriately.
  • June 1999
    Does Your Web Site Need A Shot Of Viagra? 
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    Tuesday, August 19, 2003
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    In a return interview, Robert shares more of his expertise in making the most of your company's Website. What drives traffic to your site? Search engines? Compelling content? Nothing? Listen to Robert and change your site for the better. 

    April 30, 2003
    Mortgage Internet Marketing (30 minutes) - Robert Farris

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    Robert Farris from co-founded his company to help professionals use the marketing tools available to them effectively. Listen to him give several key areas they look for in assessing the quality of a marketing effort.



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