About Us

Since 1998, we have been marketing on the Internet; so we are able to supply large lead volumes which our competitors are not able to provide. We provide

our clients with the right information to save you time and lower your cost per closed loan.

Rod Aries and Robert Farris are co-founders of Mortgage Promote, an innovative Internet firm providing targeted lead generation and proven Internet consulting solutions to the mortgage industry. The company currently provides thousands of Internet mortgage leads on a nationwide basis.

Rod Aries

Rod Aries received his graduate degree from Ohio State University. He has had an entrepreneurial career: raised venture capital to create a 200 employee company; been an officer in a publicly traded company and personally developed and sold several Internet based businesses. Rod has also been a featured speaker at national seminars.

Rob Farris

Robert Farris received his university degree in Business Finance & Marketing and provides specialized Internet marketing solutions to corporate mortgage clients. He is regularly published in industry publications such as National Mortgage Broker (NAMB), Mortgage Banking (MBA), National Mortgage Press, and Origination News.

Our Staff

Mortgage Promote is a full-service Internet organization that provides all of the services you need to make your mortgage company successful on the Internet. Our team of 15 Internet professionals include experienced Search Engine Specialists, top Web site Designers, innovative Technical Experts, and dynamic Marketing Specialists. Our entire staff will work diligently to dramatically increase and optimize the effectiveness of your Internet presence.