Informative, Cutting-Edge Seminars For The Mortgage Industry

Is your mortgage group or financial association seeking speakers related to web promotion and marketing on the Internet?

“I have been the webmaster for our corporate site for three years and I was humbled by your knowledge.” K.G., San Diego, California.

The Competition Is Intense: Internet Marketing
Knowledge Is Needed By Everyone.

The “hot topic” at all conventions is Internet mortgage marketing. Mortgage brokers want to be educated on, “How do I increase my online mortgage business.” The principals at Mortgage Promote will show your convention – seminar attendees unique ways of web promotion, Internet pitfalls to avoid, online marketing techniques, powerful software programs and much more.

“I hope you don’t put any more seminars on… I don’t want my competitors learning these secrets!” S.B., Ventura, CA

Seminar Topics: Internet Marketing.

A diverse range of Internet marketing topics are available, including:
Internet Mortgage Marketing: Tips, Tricks, and What NOT To Do.

  • Driving traffic: Head ‘em up, move ‘em out

  • Clicks away: Banner ads and other questionable activity.

  • Who ‘dat?: Following the trail of bread crumbs that lead to your

  • How to spy on your competitor. How to spy on your self.

  • Precision mortgage marketing: Getting your next door neighbor to your web
    site, without them knowing it.

  • Search engine placement, management and positioning: More than a

  • Why your mother can’t find your web site: How to get your web site

  • Ten fatal flaws of mortgage marketing: Care to make it 11?

  • Permission marketing: May I?

  • Linking strategies: They check in, but they don’t check out.

“I learned more in one hour from Mortgage Promote than attending a three day seminar that cost $2,600. Your speaking styles are easy-to-understand, practical, insightful and entertaining.” A.L., Phoenix, AZ

The Internet is Not What You Think It Is.

  • What the ‘com’ in .com, really stands for – It is not commercial
    or commerce.

  • What ‘www’ really means, and it is not ‘world wide web.’

  • What ATM’s, automated gas pumps and online stock brokerage can tell
    us about the future of online mortgage companies.

  • Informative Internet statistics and how it relates to the mortgage industry
    – who, what, where, when, why… and how these stats impact your

“Part Dennis Miller, part Einstein, part Yoda… and all parts were great.”
E.W., Salt Lake City, UT

50 Steps You Must Take When You Design Your Mortgage Site.

  • Graphical prowess: Too much ‘wu-wu’ on your site?

  • First impressions count: Eight seconds to glory.

  • Navigating your site: You confuse, you lose.

  • Silly putty or steel?: Where to be flexible in your web site.

  • Protecting source code: Trust in God, but cloak your site…

“You put the ‘wu’ in ‘wu-wu.’”
T.K., Portland, OR

Design For Show, Content For Dough.

  • How to create compelling content.

  • Why you have to have content, and why fresh content is a myth.

  • Understanding your logs and why this is more important than paid market

  • Does size really matter? Well, does it?

  • Appearance: Comic books vs. Hemingway, why Superman always wins.

  • Typoes and speling: Seaking morgages.

  • How to communicate trustworthiness to a skeptical customer.

“Thank you so much for your presentation. It was great to learn new ideas on how to redesign my web site to increase business. Keep up the excellent work.” T.F., Los Angeles, CA

Presentation Information

Most speaking engagements and presentations are typically 50 to 90 minutes in length. Rob or Rod can offer more in-depth material, if requested, or speak on related Internet topics, such as online web promotions, web site development and domain names.

The mortgage seminar has been designed in Microsoft Power Point, so the visual presentation is entertaining and interesting for all attendees.

Rod Aries and Robert Farris are principal partners at Mortgage Promote. Mr. Aries and Mr. Farris are also the monthly Internet column writers for both National Mortgage Broker Magazine (NAMB) and Mortgage Banking Magazine (MBA).