Effective Mortgage Web Design Solutions

The old business saying still goes, “You have to look like a million dollar mortgage company, if you want to compete as a million dollar company”.

Your web site needs to show professionalism and trust to a prospective mortgage customer. Remember, these customers are entrusting your company for one of their largest financial transactions. Your web site needs to look as good (or better) than your competition for your company to effectively compete on the Internet.

Million Dollar Look

You want to stand out from your competition…not look like your competition.

If your company is a million dollar mortgage company (or plan to be) … you need a web site that emphasizes that point.

Most mortgage companies currently have “cookie cutter” looking web sites (our designers actually call them “training wheel web sites”). These “cookie cutter” web sites are a good way to first start an Internet presence. But most mortgage companies realize they need to get off their “training wheel” look and start riding with the major mortgage players. You want to stand out from your competition … not look like your competition.

Having a professional and unique web site presence on the Internet is very important to effectively market your mortgage services. Remember, your web site is the first thing a prospective customer is going to see.

You need to look like a million dollar company…if you want to compete as a million dollar company.

Custom Designed Web Sites

At Mortgage Promote, our corporate web sites are all custom designed to drive loan business to your site. Remember you are competing with thousands of other mortgage lenders…you need to stand out from your competition.

Most mortgage web sites are designed by people who have little or no Internet marketing expertise. One of the more important design features that you need…is a web site that can download fast. We call it the “eight seconds to glory” rule.

We all have experienced the long wait times for some web sites. If prospective mortgage customers can’t load your site within eight seconds, they will click off and go somewhere else…another lost sale waiting to happen. Our design team will formulate your site to make sure your web site loads fast and is customer friendly.

Pricing For Custom Web Design

Pricing for custom designed web sites depends upon how many “bells & whistles” your company wants and the difficulty of the site design. Your investment in a custom designed web site is around four to five closed loans (or pricing from $10,000 and up). Our most effective corporate web sites usually include 15+ web pages with on-line application forms, user-friendly calculators, and updateable interest rates. We can also either design a new logo or use your existing company logo.